You can remove the boy from the hog farm, but you can't remove the hog farm from the boy.
When I married Hugh I knew he grew up on a pig farm, but I didn't see one of our own in the foreseeable future.  Fast forward a few years to when our oldest, Trenton, started showing in 4-H and it quickly became evident that Trenton was hooked and that Hugh was none to disappointed about it.  Before I knew what was happening Trenton brought home his first two breeding sows.  He quickly turned his 4-H breeding project into an FFA SAE and when Kadyn joined a few years later she followed suit and bought her own stock.  Not to be left behind by his older siblings Spencer added his first sow to the mix last year.  Now 8 years in there is a solid mix of the kids' pigs and dad's pigs all combined to become Braaten Show Pigs.
We are passionate about our pigs and enjoy visiting about them and helping kids.  Showing pigs is not just about show day it involves months of preparation.  We will help you with everything from picking pigs, showing, feeding, daily care and breeding if you want.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.