Notorious X No Mercy
$50.00 per dose
Bred by Sandall Show Pigs

When we stopped by Sandall's to go through some gilts we had no intentions of looking at boars.  As we went through the barn Carl told us we needed to look at this pen of pigs.  This little pig caught our eye and Kadyn couldn't leave without him.  As he grew he only continued to impress us more.  His muscle shape, center rib, big bone and show ring look balance to make a package that can be used on a wide range of sows.  Even as a mature boar now he is strong on his pasterns and hits the ground as square as the first time we saw him.

His first litters didn't disappoint.  We have several keeper gilts out of him that are very impressive.  This gave us even more confidence to use him to generate the type of show pigs we want to be noted for.
Born To Run
Chasin' Fame X Fortune X Springsteen X Bone Collector
$50.00 Per Dose
Bred by Livermore Genetics

When we headed out to World Pork Expo we were looking for a boar that could bring an increase in frame size and look to our sow herd.  The boars exhibited by Livermore Genetics quickly caught our eye.  They brought the look, muscle shape, rib and skeletal structure we value in our operation.  When we visited with them we were intrigued by the depth of this litter.  Consistency in a litter is a trait that is hard to find and something that brings value to any operation.  When the sale rolled around we were fortunate enough to bring this one home.  We truly feel he will generate pigs that are BORN TO RUN at any level.